3 Ways to Use Images and Video on Your Website

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3 Ways to Use Images and Video on Your Website

Graphic Images vs. Text

Images and Video are an important part of every website.  Why?  See this usability study on UseTube: using eye tracking imagery and other testing devises, this study showed that to engage your viewers with a positive emotional reaction to your content, graphics trump text.

If your site is strictly educational, you may opt for more text, as studies do show that pure recall of facts is best accomplished with simple printed messages.  But for those of us working to sell products and services, studies show that customers respond better to a call to action and are more likely to respond with positive emotion to a page with graphic images.

What are the easiest ways to incorporate images and video on your site?  Start with these three simple ways to add graphic interest.

3 Ways to Incorporate Graphics

1) Just add a picture that illustrates your point.   This is easy.  Use Google Images, click on the gear symbol in the upper right corner, and select “Advanced Search.”  This will allow you to select images that have the appropriate permissions for you to use on your website or blog.  The illustration can really help get your point across.  Think of a great public speaker – the best do not have slides for you to read, just great pictures to demonstrate the points that they are making.Image vs. Text

 2) Say it, don’t type it.  Try doing a video blog post.  We’ve found that doing our book reviews by video rather than text works well for us – using a set format, it takes about the same amount of time as a researched blog post, and allows our community to see and hear us “in person.”

3) Use a graph to present your data.  From high school math – just present your data in graphical form.  While  you may not have thought of this in a while, it’s still an excellent way to communicate any idea involving comparisons or progress over time.

Graphic Image

Adding more images and graphics to your site has been proven to enhance your ability to create a positive impression on your online viewers.  That positive impression is the equivalent of the firm handshake – a business strategy that should not be overlooked in your communications with your customers, whether online or in person.






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