Our Products

using new tools to communicate with your market

We are primarily a consulting services company.  However, we have found the following products to be useful parts of most engagements.

Strategy Execution:  We work with high tech companies and start ups with limited marketing staff to effectively execute their existing strategies or to jointly develop the appropriate strategies for their market.   Our combined experience as part of the sales and marketing teams of a variety of high tech companies make us ideally suited to help emerging companies move their sales and marketing efforts forward.  We help clients in Big Data, Media, Security, Publishing, Drone Technologies, and others.

Executive workstation:  Keep track of the things you care about, but may not currently see.  Track mentions of your company and products in media and social media, global or location specific industry trends, and changes to your own company’s websites in one location.  The Executive workstation is a customized and private website that acts as a constantly updated news aggregator for your company.

Competitive analysis:  Clear reports answer two questions: How are your competitors doing?  How are you doing in relation to those competitors?  See how other industry players are using social media, and how succesful they have been with their programs.  This is a good way to discover what works in the marketplace, and what weaknesses can be exploited.  Some points of comparison include: website grading, social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn) influence now and trending, media mentions.

Brand monitor page: Find out what people are saying about you, and avoid problems before they go viral.  This is a limited version of the Executive Workstation, focused on mentions of your brand and products in the media and social media.  Remember the Dominoes fiasco? (YouTube video of employees abusing cheese….)   It’s not paranoia if they’re really out to get you.

Strategy Review: Take a fresh look at your company’s marketing strategy and identify points where social media tools can be integrated to meet your corporate and personal objectives.  Make sure your social media presence is totally aligned with the rest of your marketing efforts.

Social Media Corporate Policy: Who is the voice of your company?  Do you know?  Without a clear policy, it’s everyone.  We work with your Human Resources and Legal departments to craft a policy that makes sense for your company, matching your corporate goals and personality.

Content Plan and Calendar:  The muse is dead – what on earth do I write about?  Useful content is king, but how do you know what your customers will find useful?  Using SEO techniques and research we create a calendar to identify what your market is looking for on the web and allow you to plan and release valuable content on a regular basis.  This information is very detailed, and can be location and date sensitive.

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