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Miriam and Harry McNabb are the managing directors at Spalding Barker Strategies, an established consulting firm offering a range of go to market, market expansion, or new market development strategies. Working with new companies striving to establish themselves as disruptive technologies, or established companies looking to accelerate growth, Spalding Barker works closely with existing marketing and sales teams to accomplish accelerated revenue goals.  Our clients have included consumer product companies, cloud-based technology companies, and online news and information sites.


Miriam has over 20 years of experience in sales and marketing.  She has worked as the VP of Sales and Marketing for financial market technology companies and consulting firms, and in a variety of roles at larger technology firms like Advent Software.  She has a degree from the University of Chicago, and further education from BU and Harvard University in higher mathematics and business analysis.  Miriam combines business experience with strong writing skills, expertise on social media tools, and effective strategy development.

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Harry offers 20+ years of experience in sales and marketing for high tech companies.  He has worked as the Chief Marketing Officer for several emerging technology firms, and has an extensive background in sales and marketing for larger technology companies such as Lotus and IBM.  Harry’s deep business experience and wide ranging contact base augment strong negotiation, research and analytical skills. Harry has an M.B.A. from Boston College.

Miriam and Harry maintain an extensive network on both coasts, and are currently located in the Boston area. Spalding Barker Strategies is a new model consulting firm, employing an elastic team of experts depending upon the specific needs of the project.  All of our consultants are experienced professionals with extensive sales and marketing backgrounds and client facing skills.

When not at their computers they can be found reading mysteries, collecting antiques and old cookbooks, listening to 1940′s radio shows, learning karate, and playing boardgames.  Their 14 year old son is teaching Harry to play Warmachine, and their 12 year old daughter is into fashion, plays, and karate.  Miriam and Harry support non-profit organizations for the development of healthcare and education in Haiti, and Miriam travels to Fond des Blancs, Haiti regularly.  Please visit http://www.ichaiti.org/ to learn more, and to follow the news about construction of a new elementary school in the village of Puit Cha Cha.