The Benefits of Experience

Spalding Barker Strategies has experience in a wide variety of industries, including high tech, healthcare, retail sales, online retailers, and non-profits.  Our focus is on the marketing process, and crosses over market verticals.  Contact us to discuss how our proven strategies can help in your business.

Harry is a creative person and is an asset to any team. Spaulding Barker was always thorough in their research and on time on delivery commitments. Harry is one of the most professional people I have ever worked with and and I highly recommend his firm’s services.

Marcy Campbell, Global Senior Vice President Sales  and Business Development – Qubole

Global Senior Vice President Sales & Business Development at Qubole

We initially engaged Miriam to guide our marketing team through the development of a comprehensive social media strategy that would integrate all available resources, both internal and external. What we received was much more! Miriam’s knowledge of the social media landscape, as well as all of the tools available, allowed us to not only build a content management and social monitoring strategy moving forward, but educated us on our current position in the golf industry relative to competitors. She also compiled a user-friendly dashboard that we could consult regularly to monitor and react to social media activity. Finally, Miriam provided invaluable research into what specific golf content consumers are searching for at specific times which not only can direct our social strategy but possibly product development as well.

Chris Garrett  Sr. Manager, Consumer Marketing – FootJoy
Acushnet Company

I brought Spalding Barker Strategies to work with one of my largest clients, and they exceeded all expectations. 

Unlike other social media professionals that I have seen – they are not just sitting around thinking of social media “campaign” ideas.  They research your space, they work with you to define goals (that can be measured), they suggest strategies that are “on brand”, and leverage existing content sources wherever possible.  Their strategies are always mindful of your bottom line and return on investment.

Denise Preston Founder and CEO – Outsight Interactive LLC

Miriam and Harry sat with us and LISTENED .. Not just about our goals for our business but, about what drove our business.   They  proceeded to tailor suggestions and recommendations for a clear no nonsense approach , perfect for the crazy demands on a small business owner.

KC Morgan, Founder – Wild Salamander Creative Arts Center

Harry and Miriam helped us to understand where social media fits into our information sharing mix and put together an effective strategy to deploy social media. We decided on Facebook, and they helped us to get a Facebook page up and running and helped to train our staff to maintain the site while staying within our organization’s strict guidelines.

 I would recommend them to organizations that need assistance in establishing and rolling out an effective on-line presence. They took the time to understand what we needed, and worked within our existing constraints.

Father John Keegan S.J.

Harry interacts and collaborates extremely well with his clients.  Excellent sales and marketing skills assist in developing a solid business plan directed at increased organizational productivity and return on investment.  A pleasure to work with and highly recommended.

Bill O’Brien  Director, Global Account Sales, Lotus Development

Spalding Barker has been great in helping me put together a social media strategy.  Their approach is not a one size fits all formula.  They took the time to understand my business, my goals, and challenges with social marketing and tailored an actionable plan and metrics.  As a sole proprietor, marketing is not my strength, but working with Miriam and Harry,  I now have the confidence to use the tools, measure results and grow my business!

Pat Legenc   President, BarnSweetBarnDVDs.com

 Miriam … crafted and implemented IC-Haiti Internet-based social networking tools as a means of expanding our fund-raising effort.  Miriam is personable, results-oriented, and applies great skill and experience with an underlying sense of urgency to everything she tackles.

Eric Brennan Chairperson, IC-Haiti

Harry’s combination of tenacity, analytical abilities, and good communications skills is rare.  He has excellent business judgement and is able to apply that to business problems and opportunities when they are presented to him.

Larry McMenamy   VP, Channel Sales     Lotus/IBM/Tivoli

“Harry and I worked together at IBM/Lotus and were part of a founding team that implemented a direct and channel US sales organization for the SMB marketplace. This was a start-up within an existing organization where sales territories, quota’s, compensation, sales tools, head-count, and channel participation were developed and implemented for a 30 person sales organization. Harry worked first in a staff role to develop and roll out out the strategy, organization and programs and then was promoted and became a successful peer manager in the Northeast. His analytical ability, development of effective sales strategies, and ability to work with both line and staff members helped the organization to be successful and to grow to 30 million dollars over a three year period.”

Joel Ackerman  Sales Manager,  Lotus/IBM

I have had the pleasure of working with Harry when he worked in staff at Lotus/IBM. He was instrumental in the development of the successful SMB sales and marketing organizations that managed both internal regional staff and external business partner resources. He also managed Lotus resources within the Texas IBM call centers to focus on Lotus products. Harry excels at scoping out what needs to get done to accomplish the objective. Harry has the rare ability to expertly select the right people for the right position. As a line salesperson, account, territory and eastern regional manager, he was able to achieve Presidents club status for 13 years that signified the top 10% of the international sales organization. ”

Paul Ohrenberger,   Senior Director of Sales,    IBM/Lotus