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Or, Summer Vacation and the Best Place to Camp on Cape Cod

by Harry

Spalding Barker SEO article

Spalding Barker Basic SEO for Small Business

We have made it through another “cousin camp.”  Each summer for the last seven years, my wife’s sisters, their two (each) kids, and all of the long suffering husbands get together and go camping. And while it may sound tortuous to you, the kids, and my wife and I always end up having a great time. (Even though here at SpaldingBarker we are not what you would call avid campers.)

Given locations in California, South Carolina, and New Hampshire, someone needs to be in charge of the general logistics such as negotiating dates and getting a camp site. It was our turn this year and my wife and I started looking in mid-February for a place that would be perfect – for all twelve of us.

We made a list of criteria: distance from airports, availability on the dates that we wanted, family friendly, (nothing wrong with teenage sleepover camping or bachelor parties, as long as they are not next to me….), trails, etc.   And our primary goal: Have everyone still speak to us after this year’s excursion.

Being good users of technology,  we looked up campsites in Mass, RI, and New Hampshire.   Let me save you a few hours: there are many of them. Wallowing in the weeds of data, we did what we always end up doing when lost: we Googled.  (Our nine year old claims that the answers to all of the world’s problems can be found on Google.  Ahem.)  We Googled “Best Campgrounds in New England” and were able to locate several choices following the criteria including Paine’s Campground in Wellfleet, MA, where we ended up staying and having a great time.

Paine’s had been chosen by Yankee magazine as one the best campsites in New England in an article titled…wait for it… “Best Campsites in New England” in summer of 2009. (We noticed during our stay that there were a number of European families there as well, and when we asked how they had found Paine’s, it was also via Google.)

What does our campsite find have to do with SEO? Everything.  SEO has become the heart of digital marketing, even being done on social media, which is in itself a form of marketing platform. Business owners have even begun going into the depths of it, analyzing websites backlinks to find the best way using which they can gain more traffic. Running a successful SEO blog is not easy. And if you want to know more on it, then Check This Out as it is one of the main ways through which one ushers in traffic to a website. Without the effective SEO – choosing a title that matches a commonly searched question – we would never have found Paine’s. If they had sent me a flier in the mail (which they would not have as they are too small for the budget item), we would have long since thrown it away. Even if they had somehow sent me an email, there is no chance that I would still have it, assuming that I ever even read it.

Getting coverage from a relatively large site like Yankee is not something that you can plan on, but it does show the incredible reach and duration of effective web based information and marketing. Two years after the article was written, it continues to draw in a significant amount of business that you would not have been captured in any other way (no matter how much money you were willing to spend).  Companies can do this for themselves every day by paying attention to basic SEO principles in titling blog articles, Facebook posts, and YouTube videos.  SEO works the same way no matter who publishes it.  You can get started by browsing through Google AdWords, or check out this article  from Business Insider, and see our review of Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah’s Inbound Marketing for some more in depth reading.

So as you return back to work, as we have, and thinking about how you will spending your company’s hard fought marketing dollars, just remember the story of our summer vacation, SEO, Yankee magazine, and how they all came together. BTW, everyone is still taking to us!

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