Blogging Tips: Following Basic Playground Rules

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Blogging Tips: Following Basic Playground Rules

Just because your mother never blogged doesn’t mean that her basic teaching doesn’t apply.  Below are tips that you learned on the playground that will serve you well in business blogging.

  1. Play nice.  This is an important one.  Nobody likes people that are nasty and mean (Simon Cowell excepted.)  Try to keep your business writing positive or neutral.
  2. Don’t indulge in name-calling.  Your business blog is not the place to play out a vendetta; nobody cares about your opinion of your competitors or former colleagues.  Don’t use your blog to re-post negative press about a competitor, and don’t carp on them, either.  Name calling just makes you look petty, even if your criticism is true, and engaging in a comment war with a competitor makes both of you look pathetic.  And please – if you have something to say to an individual, don’t try to be subtle and write a nasty blog article, hoping they’ll see it and feel sorry.  That approach has the subtlety of a Mack truck.
  3. Don’t tell secrets.  This can’t be repeated too many times.  Never publish anything unless you want your mother, your wife, your boss, and you priest to read it.  There are no secrets anymore, certainly not online.  (And I don’t care what your “security” settings are.)  When it comes to secrets, the old CIA adage applies more than ever in a digital age: “If you want to keep a secret, tell no one; if you have to tell someone, shoot them after you tell them.”  This applies particularly in a business environment; make sure that the latest product design is ready for the public before you blog about it.
  4. Wait.  When in doubt, wait a day before you publish.  It is amazing how waiting 24 hours will change your perspective on things.  What seemed inordinately clever at midnight on Tuesday may have lost some luster after the second cup of coffee on Wednesday morning.

Keep the playground rules in mind, and you will keep yourself, and your company, out of the weeds.

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