Book Review: The Experience Effect by Jim Joseph

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Book Review:  The Experience Effect by Jim Joseph

Book Review on The Experience Effect by Jim Joseph, published in 2010 by American Management Association, the book is 222 pages and is available on Amazon for$16.14 via Amazon Prime and $13.72 from for the  Kindle edition.  The book is only currently available in hardcover.

 Who wrote it and were they credible? 

Written by Jim Joseph, a classically trained marketer, current president of North America Cohen & Wolfe, educated at Cornell and Columbia ,with brand market experience in a variety of consumer products, car companies, and retail products and stores.

 We first were exposed to Jim Joseph ina webinar about brand marketing.   We found him to be credible, knowledgeable, and well-organized.  Infact, we enjoyed him so much we bought the book.  Based upon his presentation, this book and his background we found Mr. Joseph to bevery credible.

 What is the slant of this book? 

 The book is written about brand marketing and how companies by identifying their target customer can then create a “brand experience” by providing the customer experience that fulfills wants and needs .  Mr. Joseph gives a number of useful example of companies that were able to identify their market, make sure that their offering matches that market, and establish touch points for interacting raising awareness of those in the desired market.  His examples include car companies such as Cadillac and Mercedes Benz,consumer products like J. Crew, Starbucks and McDonald’s, and evencelebrity brands such as Madonna. 

 Is the book easy to apply? 

The use ofvaried examples, clear explanation of the concepts discussed,  and the inclusion of simple but useful tools such as the “perception map”, “gap assessment”, and “style guides”, he give marketers tools that help  to establish  to identifying the strengths and weaknesses of their product and offerings.  He helps to establisha framework to the goal of a positive, repeatable, “experience effect” where clients pick you as the product or service of choice. No book could on its own hope to establish a marketing strategy forall products and services but The Experience Effect give  a good starting point (Especially for middle to larger companies).  He acknowledges this bias by writing his follow-up book, The ExperienceEffect for Small Business which we hope to review at a later date.

 There is a good table of contents and index if you were looking for a particular example, or wanted to refer back to something that you had previously read.

 Should you bother? 

Yes, you should. It’s easy to read, organized and documented approach make it applicable to virtually any product or service.  By helping thereader to change their perspective on the experience of marketing,Mr. Joseph give a rich framework on which to build your own productor service.

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  1. Thanks for all the kind words … I really appreciate it. Marketing is a spectator sport, so it’s wonderful to watch others and to hear their points of view. Jim

  2. Peculiar article, exactly what I wanted to find.


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