Eight Reasons that you should care about Drones

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Eight Reasons that you should care about Drones

If you follow the news, there is a quite a bit of press about Drones for commercial and recreational use.   But today, if you ask someone what they know about Drones you might get a blank stare.  If you have not been following this segment, here are eight reasons to care about drones.


  1. You would be in good company as many people and a lot of important companies do. Companies such as Google, Amazon, and Facebook are making billion dollar investments in companies that make Drones. Why, because they are able to do things like expand the coverage of wireless to less developed countries (cheaper than towers or wires) and fly line of sight to deliver things much faster and more directly than by traditional means.
  2. Drones do more good than you might think. Drones are a tool that can do more than shoot hellfire missiles. Drone can be used to access natural disasters such as floods, or landslides. Drones can help look for people that are lost in remote areas and can be used to further research.
  3. The technology is at a point when it is becoming much easier to use. Twenty years ago, a Remote Control (RC) plane or helicopter took some doing to learn to fly. They were often heavy and if they hit something they hurt it, or them, or both. Today’s lightweight vehicles are much less likely to do either. As with other technologies, flying has become far easier over time, think about using your smart phone or your tablet. In the case of Drones, military has spearheaded development that is being used in commercial applications. Think NASA and Tang. My son, daughter, wife and I were able to fly our drone in a few minutes using a smart phone and software that we downloaded. And it still works!
  4. Drones can do cool things. Take video and pictures that you were never able to do before.
  5. Drones will add jobs to the economy. While estimates vary, Drones and their eco-system will add over 100,000 jobs to the economy over the next 10 years.
  6. The price point of Drones is dropping like a rock just as the capacities expand. You can now buy most drones from between $40 and $1,300 dollars with all price point in between.
  7. Drones are a natural extension of the technologies that Social Media uses. If the smart phone has extended social media, then Drones are a natural extension of that. Think about how important photo’s and video to social media. Might you envision a day, when a GPS signal to a drone, might give customized marketing messages in the same way that Amazon, Ebay, and most retailers now can with their websites?
  8. Drones fulfill in some of us a natural longstanding desire to fly. Drones when mixed with other technologies such as the Oculus Rift will over time give the sensation of flying without strapping on wings, or running the risk of being eaten by a hawk, running the risk of turning out like Icarus’s son, or even having to battle an arch-villain.


Why do you think about Drones?


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