Four take aways from the Amazon AWS conference last week in NYC

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Just attended a Amazon AWS conference in NYC last week.  We try to attend these types of conferences when we can from the major vendors as it keeps up to date as to what is going on.  Meet with clients and prospects, etc. and overall sharpen the ax if you will.  We have good relationships Microsoft and they have similar messaging and functionality.

Five things were interesting and stood out a few days after the event:

  1. Amazon ambition to be ubiquitous in the application space and their push to drive applications both large and small through AWS.
  2. They had a number of new announcements including a build in API library to make it easier to build and scale applications and a testing feature that allows you to test application code from a variety of different hardware and operating systems at the same time before going live.
  3. Hammering home data security.  (In essence, my security on the cloud is better than your in-house data security).
  4. HIPPA certification.

Most of the featured client presentations were from clients such as the New York Transportation Authority and other non-governmental enterprises such as the Oscar health care service.

I have believed for a number of years that we will end up with between 5-10 large data centers in the sky and nothing that I saw last week made me feel any different.

Now if I could just feel a little bit better about my Red Sox.


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