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In interviewing a client the other day, we asked how people found the company website.  (It is an internet retail business.)  The answer was very simple and very clear – people find the website by typing in the name of one of the products that the company sells.

That’s the only way customers find the website.  And it is effective.  The more products the company offers, the more customers find them.  They’re on a steady, but narrow, path of increase.

We liken this to the description in Inbound Marketing (our favorite tome, recently) of bringing your website from the “Wellesley” model (only one way to get there) to the “New York” model (trains, planes, or automobile – lots of ways in.)  Our client has only one road into the website.  It’s a great road, and they keep widening it and improving it – but it’s still the only way in.

It stands to reason – if you build more roads, you’ll get more visitors.

Building more roads is simple.  Ask yourself one question: “What problems do my customers have?”

Note that this is not “What problem does my company, specifically, solve for my customers?”  but the much broader question about the type of issues confronting your typical customer.  There are bound to be many.  All of them are article or blog post ideas.

And every single one represents a new road  – a new way of finding you.

Here’s how it works.  If your customers currently find you by typing in the name of your product – “purple widgets” for example – only people looking for purple widgets at that moment will find you.  It assumes that the searcher already knows how to fix their problem.   But if you write an article about “Fixing leaks”, people searching for information on the problem will find you.  They may just realize that purple widgets are the solution that they’ve been looking for, or they may find a good answer to their first question and then recognize that your company is an excellent source of information (and products) for their industry.  And either way, by writing an article on a topic other than your product, you’ve built a new road.

The great thing about building new roads – writing on new topics – is that every article is money in the bank.  It’s never withdrawn.  Yes, the internet can be a voracious eater of content, but there is good news.   As you add content, you build new roads; and the old ones don’t ever disappear as the new ones are built.

Build new roads – and more traffic results.

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