Jim Joseph’s Small Biz Brand Bootcamp, Sponsored by Vocus

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Jim Joseph’s Small Biz Brand Bootcamp, Sponsored by Vocus

 Our review of Jim Joseph’s webinar titled Small Biz Brand Bootcamp, sponsored by Vocus. You can get your own copy of the presentation here.

Recently, I spent an hour of Spalding Barker’s time listening to a webinar on the topic of branding. The key speaker was Jim Joseph, current President, North America at Cohn & Wolfe. Jim has what I would call a classical marketing background, with an education from Cornell and Columbia Business School, work experience at Johnson and Johnson with the Arm & Hammer Brand, and extensive agency experience. He has a pleasant manner and is clearly knowledgeable on the topic. He currently teaches at NYU and has recently published two books on the subject, which provided much of the material for the presentation.

 The presentation was very organized, with slides that for the most part added to what he was talking about. (This speaker was very prepared. An unprepared speaker is one of my pet peeves; it’s incredibly disrespectful of people’s time. What do you think? )

 He defines branding as comprised of the following elements:

  • knowing your customer
  • emotional benefits to the client
  • following your competition
  • positioning your product or service
  • touch-points for your messages
  • consistency in application

Most of the 45 minute presentation (with 15 minutes of Q & A) was spent exploring each of the above.

 Mr. Joseph gives interesting, simple and useful graphical tools on marketing and marketplace positioning with four quadrants that are divided into high and low cost, and high and low quality with concentric circles to help you to look at your competition. He makes good point on what he calls “trade” programs where you jointly market your client base for one that targets similar clients. (Other names might be affiliate marketing, or partner marketing depending upon what industry you work in.)

He ends with the concept of building a “Benchmark brand” where your brand is the one that people choose.

 There was a lot packed into the hour presentation, which I would recommend to anyone who wants a classical but relevant view of branding for your product or service. You can get your own copy of the presentation at the link above – worth the time.

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