Knicks Coach D’Antoni Resigns: Pro Bloggers Give the Scoop

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Knicks Coach D’Antoni Resigns: Pro Bloggers Give the Scoop

Top 5 pro bloggers on Knicks’ D’Antoni’s resignation (or termination):

  1.  Deadspin Blog (first posted 2:28)
  2. Huffington Post “The Newswire” Blog  (first posted: 2:42pm)
  3.  Sekou Smith’s NBA “Hangtime” Blog (first posted at 2:56 pm)
  4.  SB Nation’s “IndyCornRows” Blog (first posted: 3:38pm)
  5.  The American Spectator “The Spectacle” Blog (first posted at 4:35pm)

Generally I’m more of a social media follower than a sports fan, but sometimes the two come together.  When Knicks Coach D’Antoni resigned (or was fired, depending upon what source you like) the Internet buzz was rampant.  This morning, “Knicks Coach” is one of Google Trends hot 10 searches.

Who Broke the Story?

The social media world is proving once again to be digging the grave of traditional news.  Almost all of the top blog stories about D’Antoni are time stamped within the first three hours of the news breaking.  According to one blogger, the news was broken with this Tweet by Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski (@WojYahooNBA).  It may not have been that one in particular, but within hours of that Tweet, the pro bloggers had the scoop.  Some traditional news sources lagged behind in publishing the same information by 10 – 15 hours, even in their online versions.

The Deadspin Blog reports that they received an email at 1:44 on the subject – they had an article out in 45 minutes.  In contrast, more mainstream’s “The Point Forward” Blog didn’t get their article out until 5:20.

While mainstream media is still viewed by many (including myself) as more reliable for “serious” news, traditional media outlets will need to address the issue of timeliness, especially in their online platforms, if they want to survive.  While checking sources to achieve reliability does take time, it seems to me that in the age of information, a “day” is no longer 24 hours long.  A scoop that is 15 hours old is yesterday’s news.

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