NCAA Tournament 2012: Google Search Predicts UK the Winner

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NCAA Tournament 2012: Google Search Predicts UK the Winner

March Madness, the NCAA Tournament and every team name in the roster are hot search terms these days. Since social media is used now for everything from predicting presidential campaigns (we’re big fans of the team at 10 Golden Rules  , who used a matrix of social mentions to predict Obama’s win in 2008, before the primary was over) to movie box office success, why not sports?

Based on search volume, Google predicts that University of Kentucky will win the NCAA Tournament 2012. Google “Inside Search”  shows the graphic that represents their predictions – based on which team names showed the greatest search volume. The “College Hoops 2012” page is a pimped up news aggregator and specialized search engine page. Users can click on any team name to see search results, enter the team name in a search box to get an instant score without leaving the search page, and take virtual tours of playoff stadiums. (This last featured is integrated with Google maps, showing a map of all of the playoff locations.) Perhaps designed primarily to highlight features of Google+, Google’s College Hoops 2012 page displays recent mentions of the tournament on Google+, upcoming hangouts, the opportunity to follow your favorite teams, and a convenient button to join Google+ right from the page. And, of course, no Google page would be complete without the revenue generator. Apparently the sponsor, Zagat’s has a prominent ad in the middle of the page for Zagat’s Winning Spots for College Basketball Fans. Regardless of motivation, we think that Google’s College Hoops page is like many Google features – clever, useful, and fun. Their prediction gets my $5.

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