Product Branding: 5 Sites to Look At

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If you believe that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, or that there is nothing new under the sun, then taking a look at what some of the major brands are doing can help you to decide when, where. and how to spend your hard earned marketing dollars and efforts to generate sales.

While branding can be defined in as many ways as the number of people that you ask, let’s use  one that Jim Joseph uses in his book:  The Experience Effect.

To paraphrase: brand is defined as an emotional connection with your customer that makes his or her life better (in some way).

Here are five sites that demonstrate great branding, with examples in consumer products, technology, and politics:

  1. Obama : Your politics aside, this site is a great example of effective simplicity.   They have identified a goal, in this case fund raising for the 2012 presidential campaign, and put it front and center. Notice the use of images.  They’ve put everything that you need right there to get your donation.  “You power this movement” and “You take the next step” are messages designed to create an emotional response with the viewer.
  2. :  IBM’s success in the technology field is well known.  Notice the clean design,  use of graphics and the focus on solutions rather than products or services.  Their “smarter” slogan series brings the consumer in – who doesn’t want to be smarter?
  3. :  The energy drink company has done an excellent job using video, photos and stories that appeal to its target audience.  Whether it be skateboarding, mountain climbing, windsurfing, etc. chances are that you will find some interesting cool video, photo, or article that will make you want to be part of the team that drinks Redbull!
  4. :  This brand is also very well known, where high quality storefronts, very active social media marketing, upfront social responsibility, and high quality interactions with its customers make the brand.  The “Everylove” section of the website is a good example of creating an emotional connection with customers, who contribute everyday love stories. Brilliant!
  5. :  Nike knows its customers and gives them an excellent customer experience.  Very slick and global, with both selling products and creating a positive customer experience central in this website. They offer a clean design that is customized to the individual. Their new slogan: “Make it Count” brings their community in to share athletic feats.

Before you jump in, take a look at these and other sites that will help your business to have a brand that people know about and choose in a crowded marketplace.

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