What is the one thing that Powerball, dieting, and Social Media have in common?

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What is the one thing that Powerball, dieting, and Social Media have in common?

Quick, close your eyes and ask yourself what do these three things have in common?  Let’s look closer:

Powerball:  One of the major news stories recently was on that Powerball lottery was recently over 600 million dollars (I even bought a ticket which I do not normally do).

Dieting:  In amazon, my search for the word dieting just returned over 13,326 results.  I am always amazed when people who I like, respect, and think are smart tell me about their wacky diet.

Social media: companies, non-profits, and small businesses feel that they need to do all of the social media platforms, right now.  And somehow that “other companies” are capturing all of the benefit of social media.

Hope ,untempered by realism or experience, is the common element. Powerball is money, dieting is to look great, and social media is to solve your business problems. All may have a role in your life but I would argue need to be viewed in the proper context.

Don’t believe it?  Ok, you are right, go get your lottery ticket, I just lost 50 pounds by eating just grapefruit, and you can do all of the social media platforms in 3 minutes a day and it will expand your business by 300%.

Oh, and by the way, I have a bridge in NY that I would like to sell you.

Harry McNabb

Spalding Barker Strategies




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