Three Ways to Leverage Facebook for Sales – Even if You Hate Facebook

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By Harry

We hear this often -we know how it feels. You’ve tried, and you just don’t like Facebook. You don’t want to “poke” anyone, you don’t want to friend anyone, and the people that you have friended seem to want to use you for free therapy or show you endless blurry pictures of their kids.

But you understand that Facebook users represent over 10% of the world’s population. You realize that the demographics are shifting toward the over 35 set, you realize that some Facebook users may in fact be your target market, and you realize that calling them all on the phone is not going to work.

Here are three things that you should do to get started, even if you do not want to tell anyone what you had for lunch or how terrible your last airplane experience was:

  1. Set up a Facebook fan page. This is not very hard, and allows you to not have to shrink back at cocktail parties when the topic comes up. It gets your foot in the door, and allows you to leverage at least some awareness from the large numbers of users of Facebook. You can populate your Fan page with content from other sources, usually by setting up an automated feed. For example, if you write traditional articles that are published anywhere, white papers, blog posts, or even catalog entries, it is generally very easy to set up an automated feed with your Facebook account that will enter “status updates” on your wall that link to your other content.
  2. Make sure other people can share your content on Facebook. Much of the value of Facebook is in having other people introduce you to their networks. Simply making sure that the little Facebook share button is attached to your other content makes it easy to allow people who do love Facebook to promote your content to Facebook users. This is an easy addition to your website – and you can fix it and forget it.
  3. Look into the advertising. To the degree that you can identify your target market (and you should at least take a stab at this if you can not), consider advertising on Facebook. Think of Facebook as a huge data mine for consumer information. (Do you really think that asking your birthday was only to prevent duplicates?) Age, location, and interest are all captured, sliced, and diced and placed in front of you on a silver platter. You can set your own pricing tolerance, and start out with a minimal investment. Facebook takes you through a relatively easy interface to set up advertising, and once you have it set up it requires little maintenance.

This is just dipping a toe in, but you will be able to speak intelligently about Facebook at cocktail parties – and you just may be able to move your business forward.

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