What to Publish on Facebook: 5 Easy Content Ideas

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What to Publish on Facebook: 5 Easy Content Ideas

One of the most frequently asked questions that we receive is: “What do I post on Facebook?”  Faced with a seemingly insatiable need for content, managers are often stumped as to how to fill yet another content platform.  The good news is that finding content does not have to be difficult.  Regardless of your staffing level, using a combination of the techniques below will allow you to provide a reasonably fresh content page for your Facebook community.

  1. Repurpose content.  If you haven’t quite determined what your Facebook goals are, start small.  Simply build presence by repurposing content from your blog or newsletter.  This is basic and easy – most blogging platforms allow you to automate the process of posting a link directly to your Facebook Page when you publish a new article to your blog.
  2. Use other people’s content.  Even easier than reposting your own content is reposting someone else’s.  Google your industry and check out today’s news.  Share top stories on your Facebook Page with a one or two sentence intro.  This is a fast way to show that you are on top of industry trends and to provide some value to your Facebook community.  Best-selling author Tim Ferriss earns over 120,000 likes by using this technique regularly.
  3. Ask questions.  The simplest way to engage with your community is to ask a question.  Do some quick and dirty research first: check out trending topics on Google or Twitter for topic ideas, and seed the comments with some friends and colleagues to get things going.  Generating comments helps to both engage and grow your community.  Online media site Social Media Examiner uses this technique frequently to earn over 70,000 likes.
  4. Give access.  One of the benefits that a member of your Facebook community may seek out is access to your best resources.  Facebook provides a great platform for this; simply announce a time period when your expert will be available to address questions received on Facebook.  One of our favorite examples: Talbots, a women’s clothing retailer, offers special Facebook question and answer sessions with top stylists frequently.
  5. Give deals.  You want to provide your customers with unique reasons to join your Facebook community.  Offering discounts or deals on Facebook only is an easy way to build your community.  By tracking deal conversion, you get some valuable analytics about the efficacy of your approach.  This can range from Facebook only giveaways (See Ann Taylor, clothing retailer, for an ongoing example of a giveaway to encourage “Likes”) to discounts and deals that provide a link to your website from Facebook.

Facebook is a flexible platform that allows businesses to get benefit at many different levels.  Content can be as complex as your app development budget can allow – or as simple as clicking the “like” button on someone else’s article.

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