Who Wins Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist?

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As I was looking for parts for my son’s 1966 International Scout,  which by the way is a frequent task, I noticed that the role that was once taken up by Craiglist, that of matching buyers and sellers in a localized area is being challenged by Facebook Marketplace.  Now if you are not familiar with marketplace it is very similar in purpose to craigslist for most hard goods as it matches buyers and sellers in a user defined geographic area.  You can post photo’s or ask questions in much the same way as craigslist.  I have used both and have to give the nod to Facebook in terms of usability over Craigslist but that is personal.

It is estimated toward the end of last year that craigslist has 50 billion page views per month.  About 2.3 million people “like” Facebook marketplace.  While these two comparisons are a little bit apples to oranges, they are both big.

As I have taken more notice, Facebook seems to be getting more and more listings.  Does the platform where you can check in our your friends, post about yourself and what you are doing, and maybe even get news from win out over the old standby?  Time will tell.

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